Fellows Program

At the Daily Caller News Foundation, we’ve built a two-year training program that starts where college doesn’t — in a hard-working, full-drive newsroom — and ends where college misses — with the real story of America’s founding, her exceptionalism, and what’s necessary to keep her shining.

We’re proud to assign the reading on history, philosophy and economics we know the schools are skipping, but our days are spent on solid journalism, so every month our fellows publish more than 1,500 stories and news videos for millions of readers just like them. Their stories are then reprinted by a sprawling network of news sites and newspapers across the country, reaching audiences many in D.C. would give an arm to reach. And when our young fellows have finished their time training in our trenches, we blast them out into the broad media landscape — a landscape that hits every “diversity” box.

For a summary of our Fellows program please view this VIDEO.

Program Successes
Fellowship Curriculum

Lunch and Learns teach fellows what they need to know to thrive as a journalist. Here researcher Megan Brock gives a class on doing FOIAs.

Former presidential candidate and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum visits our newsroom to talk with our reporters.