Our mission is two-fold: First, we strive to be the most innovative, successful, results-driven training ground for up-and-coming journalists in America. We train, mentor and launch the next generation of reporters, all the while providing full time salary and benefits. Second, we investigate and tell stories that are overlooked or intentionally ignored due to media bias. Then we push those stories through our 300+ licensed media network partners to reach millions of Americans.

The results of our efforts can be seen not only in the size of our audience but in the impact our reporting has made.

In 2023 our reporter’s articles were republished or cited in over sixty countries around the world and were translated into 28 languages.

Our content is relevant to the general public as well as lawmakers; prominent media figures and influential grassroots activists. Our work is disseminated through a growing global distribution network, driving conversations into homes and across the desks of policymakers. The goal is for our stories to provoke change, incite debate, and challenge partisans of all political stripes.

We rival and often exceed traditional media outlets in terms of quality and impact.

Alumni from this program have been hired by CNN, Newsweek, CBS, Business Insider, Fox News, Investor Business Daily, The Washington Examiner and many other notable media outlets.

Our Investigative Reporter, Philip Lenczycki, is interviewed on Fox’s Jesse Watters Primetime Show on the infiltration of the Chines Communist party into America.